Friday, September 10, 2010

A Good Exhausted

If you have read my blogs, you've heard of the two ladies that are helping with mom. She really is in great health for being 85, but in her mind she has every aliment in the book and her cup is always empty.

One of our ladies quit, My daughter and I were very upset as Samantha hired her and she came to work two weeks ago and announced to my mother this would be her last day!!! I was furious!!!! Mom called when she left and was in such a state. I immediately called Zina, the other lady, as she has always been the one to stay in touch and let me know how mom was doing. She too had no idea this lady was not going to come anymore.

Samantha's husband had to go out of town for six weeks to work so instead of the weekend we had changed Zina's Sunday to Wednesday. Leaving Friday to be the day they have always traded each week. So Susan's schedule hadn't changed at all!! Well that's a little of how the week started. I don't know about you but coming to work and saying this is my last night is unacceptable for rehire. She has only spoken to mom not Samantha, who hired her or to me.
She continues to call mom and see how she is doing. I think she is sorry for her decision. I told mom that's great I'm glad she is remaining your friend, but coming back to work is not an option for her!

Through all of this I was truly exhausted because my mother is still wondering what she did wrong! She goes over and over and over the whole thing in her mind and with me a thousand times a day!!! Why she got her panties in a twist is beyond us all. Perhaps she wanted to change Wednesday's not Friday's but that's something she and Zina always worked out! Through all of this Zina and I have gotten closer. She is becoming a great dependable friend to me and momma!!! When mom says she's worried about something happening to me, Zina has assured her to stop worrying, you have your daughter, grand daughter and me!!!! You will be fine! Amazing! God is still in control, knowing what's best!!!

Wednesday morning Zina called and asked if I liked to can. I said," oh my yes but it's been awhile." So she says, I'll be over Wednesday afternoon come to your house with the kids and I've got a lot of pears we can make pear preserves! Oh I was so excited. Just to sit in the yard peeling pears and having great conversation!!! By the way did I mention she had 4 gallons of pears!!

Mom did 6 and said,"oh I can't my hands hurt" and she went in the house. Did my hands hurt oh my!!! I couldn't begin to tell you!!! Did I cut my fingers oh yes, Zina would laugh and say, " don't ya know how to stop that knife!!" I laughed and said well my hands quit working and I have to turn my hands another way, so I guess I'm confusing those damaged brain cells!!! She would laugh and say you and I are a mess!! She has a lot of pain, knee replacements and more but we are of the same nature and look out world here we come!!! Pain or not!!!

We did prepare two gallon of pears that night and Thursday morning did the rest!!! Then we began to cook them. She had the biggest pan I think I have ever seen. Well after hours of trying to get them to boil down , on what Zina called, " a fancy good for nothin' stove!!!" ( It's a beautiful black glass top) Of course it still looks brand new after 2 years with momma around!!! ! She finally took the pot home to finish!!! It's been a long time since I laughed and had such a good time. Mom ran to town to pick up a script and Zina looked at me and laughingly said, " ya know that woman is gonna kill us!!!" Mom bought us a sub from subways and continued to complain about how many pears she brought and whose gonna eat them. As for me and Zina we had a fabulous time!!!

She says I don't need to hire anyone else together we will work out giving me some time off!!! She is fast becoming an amazing friend. She says if the snow or ice gets to bad this winter she'll just move in with us!!! I laughed and said that would be a blessing!!! As she carried the pears out to her van at 3 PM I went to bed, totally exhausted!!! She came in laughing and said I didn't mean to wear you out!!! I laughed and said," oh let's do it again!!!!! "

Anyone need any pear preserves!!!! We got 38 1/2 pints and I'm only half done. The rest are in the freezer sliced and ready to make pear butter (cherry, raspberry, orange and more) Maybe a pear pie!!! Always remember, for God so loved us, He sent His son......Our road will never compare with the struggle Jesus had as he traveled His earthly journey for us!!! So bring it on world, I get frustrated, aggravated and even angry sometimes! Then at the end of it all I still have my faith and God helps me to continue my journey with him!!!! Praise His name!!!!!


  1. Good for you Connie! I wish we lived closer - we'd be coming over and absconding with some of those luscious pear preserves!! Keep up the wonderful attitude!

  2. You are such an inspiration to me!!!!!!!