Thursday, July 29, 2010

Staying Within the Spirit

Today I was thinking of the world and all that's happening. My mother listens daily to the news and comes in to tell me of all the negative, as that's what the news is! You never here the good that has happened from an event!

The wars, the global warming, the oil spills, young men and women killed serving God and Country, drugs....... the list goes on and on! The world you see has always been filled with sin, that is since choices where made in the "Garden of Eden." We now have the knowledge and the will to make choices.

The world we live in is continually changing, as it always has. Some changes by the choices made by all, some by our own choices, and some just because! Think back to the world of early Christians! They faced wars, global changes, lion dens, fires, accidents,....the list again goes on and on!

The cries that it's the end of time and God will soon take us from here have been shouted for years. The weather changes, the hurricanes, earthquakes, all seems so end of time. Who knows, this may be that day that some dread! Ours is not to question or worry about it's coming, this end of time. Yes, the "King is Coming" in all His Glory. with it the tragedy of lost souls!

Life has always been filled with joys, sadness, tragedy, .....again the list goes on! We have good days and bad, but why do we always dwell on the bad. If we each sit down and write the joys in our lives and then write the bad in our lives, we would find the joys out weigh the bad.

I remember when Samantha was little she was in the braces that took away her ability to walk. It was so hard on all of us. She would sit and cry and shake the bar between her feet, looking at me to take them off. Yet the doctor said for her to have straight legs and to walk properly they must stay on. We toughed it out and they stayed on. When the day came that she could have them off for an hour a day, she would run so hard!!!! During that time she fell into things and had three trips to the emergency room for stitches. The third time, was just a couple days after the second time that the stitches were removed. I fell to my knees crying," no God not again!!!"
Life happens, none of us are exempt from the bad. The good being her legs are perfect!!!

I'm not sure I'm getting across all I'm trying to say. I'm not immune to feeling down or getting upset about the dealings of life. All I'm saying is look around and see the good not the bad! Let the Spirit of God fill you with the positive!! Know that no matter what He is with us. Sometimes we have to take a good look at what the problem is and make the change!!! Don't sit and say oh God will fix it!!! Do it yourself with His help! See the need and do something! So many times we sit and say God will provide!! Yes, He always does, but put what you can do into effect with His help!! Surprise.....things start getting better.

I start my day with praise and coffee!! Thankful that no matter what happens in this life God is with me always. Feel yourself stressing, take a break, nothing is so important you can't take five minutes to regroup. Thank God I can cry, it's a great stress reliever! Sometimes people can't cry and they leave everything bottled up inside.

My life is easier on one hand and harder then others on the other. I've not mastered the art of not letting this world get to me. I continually fall back on the word of God to carry me when I falter. Thank God I have that friend that I can share with and cry with when I'm down! Always begin those troubled times with pray and end with pray! Don't ever leave God out, He cares about even the smallest part of your life.

My hopes for this blog is to let you feel your not alone. We all share the same life, we are just in different stages at the time. So share God with your friends, in ups and downs.

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  1. Great post, Connie....I am excited. Yeterday I ordered a bible study so I can get back into God's word and start the school year off right. You are always so positive and encouraging and you have your pains and sorrows. What an inspiration you are! Love you!