Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Day

God saw the need and the answer came quickly. I am so thrilled today as two beautiful ladies answered the need to help with mom.
They are going to share the weekends between each other. Mom just needs someone there at night. She does fine during the day.

Still able to drive she goes to get her hair done, shops in town, or comes to her grand daughters for a visit. I'm still trying to get her into the Senior Group in town, they play rook, have lunch and plan
bus trips, even cruises. If she once gets there I'm sure she would love it. I just can't be her only access any more, if I'm to take care of her when she really needs me I have to get my health back in shape.

It's very hard to realize that the job you have taken on is taking so much more then you have to give. She is so healthy, but sees her self as sick. My cup is full and hers is empty. I see all the needs as her life has changed so since daddy died. You see he was the life of the party, loved people, and was always ready for company or going out. Mom misses that. Even though when he was alive she complained about it!! She always went and had a good time. Now she just can't seem to do anything, her husband of 60 years is gone. Her friends are getting older too and some are gone. I know it is so hard on her, if she would just once get started out the door I know she would be fine, her health right now is great!!!

All she seems to want is me, all the time, no other family around. Me home before dark and no enter action with anyone else. Once the grand kids come she 's fine for awhile then it's." take them home and return soon ,they are to hard on you!" I realize her needs and have tried so hard to meet them. It's been two years now and it has taken a tole on me. I have to get a break!

God has meet the need quickly for that I'm so grateful. He is only a pray away and He is helping me with the guilt I feel for having to get some time away. I know that this answer to pray will be good for both of us!!! If any of you are in the same position. Search for the help you need and don't be afraid to take it!!! It's a big job! Don't feel guilty! Love with your whole heart but remember to take care of you too. I almost waited to long!! My health took a nose dive and I just kept saying, " she's my mom I can do this."

We again are taking a new journey here and getting help for us both and with God we will both be fine!!!


  1. Yay Connie!!! Keep us posted and keep writing....good for the soul! I love to hear it all from your precious perspective!

  2. Thank Heavens for answered prayers Connie :-)