Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Day

Good Morning,

I'm so glad that our God is bigger then we can imagine!!!! People tend to put Him in a box! He isn't petty about little things, spanking us for putting our hands in the cookie jar, or standing by to smack us for something we or others have done! He is there to love and lift us high!!! He speaks to each one of us, individually as to what we as a person can or can not do!! He doesn't Lord over us with a blanket of bondage!!! He has freed us from bondage!!! He alone speaks to us in His still small voice and guides us in our every day life. We all have different short comings, He is aware of them all!!!! That little voice says, what we do has consequences, reactions, and more.....You may think why can she do that as a Christian and I can't??? Well look at it as the whole picture. You may not be strong enough in your faith and life to do something! While another it doesn't affect their lives and allow us to falter. An example of what I'm trying to say is a verse in Corinthians, " God made everything but everything is not beneficial to all men!!! The other is," Am I my brothers keeper..." to me in some ways yes. For instance, if I can have one drink and stop at that and I'm with a friend that can't, and will drink way to much... then to me I will not have the drink!!!! My friend is more important to me then the drink. Now that's not to say that I am right. That is just how God has presented His word to me!! We have soooo many religions in the world today? Did you ever wonder how they all came about?? The humanity of man is in all of us, are religions brought about by the input of man. Men have read the scriptures, then they have made a church with laws as they have interpreted the word of God. Again the word is God's the interpretation is of man. Today I've just given you some words for thought. I read my scriptures and read of the 10 commandments, the laws and follow them. I read that we only have to have faith and believe that He is Lord!!! The word says love as Christ loved. Don't judge, be critical, tell people how to serve God..., let God take care of the big stuff!!!! I'm glad He has that responsibility! I'm happy to love. If you ask I'll share my opinions and I'm always here with a prayer. That's not to say I'll argue and try to make you change your mind on what you believe. That I won't do! My faith is strong and that's just what it is my faith, how God has spoken to me. When He speaks to you, my prayer is that you will be open enough to hear His words. As for me In Christ I will be your friend! Even if I may disagree with you! That's okay! We all are a work in progress and whose to say you may change my mind on some things through my being open to Christ as I grow daily in Him! Step back and look at your faith today from where it was yesterday!!!! Change....... life is change..... go with God and live life to it's fullest!!!! My prayers today are for all of you and your loved ones to be filled with joy, happiness, and a truly beautiful life!


  1. Wow....I need some of what you've got....love, love LOVE....still working on it! Lord help me. I love you Connie...you are an ispiration.

  2. Beautiful, honest and clear words Connie - you exude the true spirit of love and acceptance across the internet!