Friday, April 9, 2010

Quiet Day

Got up this morning, drank a few cups of coffee said good bye to mom and came to watch the grand kids for the day. What's this! Samantha thought I needed a day to myself. So off she goes to town with the kids and here I sit in a quiet house.

What do I do with quiet! I love the noises the kids make as they run through the house. Their laughter always fills my heart with joy. Watching them as they grow and their personality's develop each unique in there own way. Yes they have their fights and Mimi has to wheel over and stop their conflicts. Some times the words stop it now, work and sometimes I have to count!!!
This makes me laugh inside. I've never had to say three they always move on two. What consequence do they think they would face if I hit three. I've always said," you don't want to hear three!!! " I can only imagine the thought of three in the minds of each one!!!

I think it is amazing that you have two, three, or more children raise them the same, and they are all different from the beginning! You love them, nurture them, raise them do the best you can. They take what you give from the beginning and are their own person!!! Different each one!

When my children and grand children were born I place them all in God's hands from the time I new they were coming. This wonderful gift from God, a baby to nurture and love! A family growing, our legacy that we were here. Oh how I want it to be a legacy of a God filled life with love, caring , understanding, kindness, and more!

I think am I giving each one the support and love they need to face all of life's journey. It's filled with good times and bad. We all learn from mistakes, from watching the lives of others, from our parents and how they raised us and we all want to do the best we can for each.

I know I've told them I love them each day, I've given them each a listening ear. I raised my voice yesterday and HunteRose says, " Mimi you're to loud." Yes the pressures of my day had made me louder then usual. Dalton, will be outside playing and suddenly run up to the porch to say, " Mimi, I love you forever." Maegan the oldest, is oh so smart and needs time to herself more these days the age difference between them tends to make us expect more of her sometimes. So all of these things race through my mind on this quiet day!!!

Oh how I miss those little miracles of life that God has sent my way. What will I do with me today!! I'll enjoy the quiet, call some friends, and anxiously await the car door and those angelic voices running to tell Mimi of their day!!!!


  1. Absolutely endearing! Children are truly the purest form of beauty. They are so innocent and special, especially before they can run around and get into trouble or talk back! :)

  2. This is neat Connie, I am babysitting today and I have been doling out the discipline to a couple of unruly children that are spoiled rotten. Even though I have gotten a bit harsh, they sense my concern and love for them even under the commands I have given them, and they are peaceful and content. I hope you are enjoying your quiet day. They are few and far between for busy moms like us. Keep posting!!♥

  3. Connie, you are the epitome of unconditional love <3