Monday, April 5, 2010


Hi there,
Blogging is something new to me so bare with me and we will travel this road together!

I have lived a life with Christ as my Savior, always endeavoring to walk the roads of this earthly journey as he would have me walk.
As we all know this journey is one of smiles, tears, laughter, and much more. No matter how hard I try the humanity within me someday's rises to the surface. I get angry, worry, say things I don't mean, yes fall short. It is amazing to me that God sent His Son to travel this road along time ago. So Jesus knows all that we deal with and understands our short comings. So if like me you falter some days, don't think you have to give up trying to live that Christ filled life. Grab hold of your faith once again, pick yourself up and continue with His light shining again boldly!!!
It's not an easy life, being a Christian. Those that chose not to believe are always saying, " I thought your God would keep you from this pain," or" where is your God now?" Remember long ago we were thrown into the lions, and into the fire!!! Our faith is always tested. He doesn't promise an easy life, but He does promise to be with us always. Giving us the strength we don't have to carry on! The reward being an eternal life with Him, and yes look at the foot steps as He carries us through the hard times!!
Sometimes the answer we get from God is not the one we want, but He does know best and with Him we can move forward trusting in Him always. No matter how dark our life seems at the moment we can always see the light shining in the distance.
My first blog is meant to show you where I start and finish always with God. So come read along and I'll share with you some good times and yes some bad times, but always a strong faith, never wavering but believing. I have many family and friends that don't believe. They are still my friends and I will always show them love. The love that Christ showed as He traveled here long ago. Never one to argue with them on there choice of what they believe. That's not for me to judge! I'm here to love and befriend all. No matter their beliefs, life styles, the way they look or don't look, it doesn't matter. It is not our place to judge. That's not to say I won't talk to you of my faith, any time I'm glad to share or pray with you, but never argue and tell you I'm right and you are wrong. My faith is strong and I'll share lovingly with anyone. Never judging but always a friend when you need one.
We all come from many walks of life, many different cultures, and ways of living. The Bible is a book that has traveled the ends of time. To me each verse speaks to us individually. What God wants you to do in serving Him. We do not march around like robots serving God!! We are all different, and that's okay with Him.
I guess that's me in a nut shell! I'll write again so come and share!

Mimi Sugar


  1. Looking forward to this Connie. Only good things can come from so much encouragement! Keep posting! ♥ Heather