Monday, April 12, 2010

The Big Game

I thought today I'd start by introducing you to the ball players.
This is Maegan, blond, thin, extra long legs, and in 3rd grade. She has finally found somethings that interest her. Ball, basketball, horses, and reading the dictionary when bored!!! She had a battle for awhile being the smart girl in class!! Now with the help of the over achievers after school and her ball games she's beginning to see that smart is cool!!!! Thank you God!!!! That was several months of heart ache as she would struggle with being the smartest in class!!! Now she has found others that are even smarter then her!! So she has crossed that bridge for now moving ahead in her little life.

The next player, I had just meet. He was Nathan, in kindergarten and loves the game!!! Yes, as you can see in the picture he is a lefty!!! Trying to get him to stop at first base was one of the hardest things of the day!!! Once he started running he was heading for home!! Little legs running as fast as they could!!! In the outfield Nathan was great at getting the balls. The pitcher would say, "throw it here!" No way, he was determined to run and tag that runner!!!

Here we have the youngest, HunteRose, she is three and determined that these big kids have nothin' on her. She patiently waited in the outfield for a ball, then not getting much action she moves closer to third base.
Wow there is a line drive to third!! She stands firm to catch it and it bounces from the ground and hits her smack between the eyes. Oh my the crocodile tears and it was time for a mommy time out. Then it was okay now I'll bat!!!! What a player!!! She hit the ball off the T and ran to first. On her way to second she remembered she was to touch the base and returned to first and headed for second again!!! Yes little Nathan was there to tag her!!! Oh how the excitement was growing!!!

Dalton steps up the the plate ready to send that ball sailing. He is one of our preschooler's and turned five in January. He is new to the game and has left his computer as he enjoys being outside as much as in. He has taken it upon himself to work with his little sister, HunteRose on the computer. He enjoyed the game for awhile, but soon discovered an interesting barrel ! Convincing his sister to come and investigate they soon entertained us and took us away for moments from the game. He may have lost interest when he slide into home and scratched his fore arm and oh did it bleed. That of course was another mommy time out. Bandaid in place and he was good to go!!! Played for while then came the barrel.

Dalton being in the barrel was trying to get HunteRose to push him down the hill!! Suddenly you here mom say, "no way!" Mimi knows when mommies not out here someday they'll take turns
going down the hill and together pushing it back up for another ride!!! For now they will ride it as a horse. Silly mommy we can go down the hill, don't be scared!!!

This Little guy I must say was the highlight of the day. Jaden is four and in preschool. He has watched his older brothers play ball and has been helping them practice. He would wiggle his hips, set his feet right, put his hand in the air to let the pitcher know he wasn't ready, then nod when he was ready!!! We would get so tickled as he did it every time!!! Oh yes, forgot to mention he was a switch hitter too!! When the ball was pitched he would swing with his left hand, but when the T was in place he would swing with his right!! Now this little one is always ready to play ball!!!!

Oh what fun to watch these young ones learn the game!!! They are ready for their league practices and can't wait till next Saturday for a return play here at the farm!!! Me tooo I had sooo much fun being the cheer leader and photographer.

Daddy made the burgers and hot dogs. He and Nanie Birdie were going back and forth watching the Masters Golf on TV and the big game outside!!! Gatorade was the drink of choice, the boys liked red and the girls preferred blue. As for me it was diet Dr. Pepper and oh yes that blackened hot dog!!! Yummy!!!

The kids were so surprised that Nanie Birdie new a lot about ball, did you know she played ball!!!
Well that was my day, and what a day it was!!!! Thank you God for a much needed, perfect day!!!

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all!! Thanks for sharing this!