Thursday, April 15, 2010

God's Majesty

I looked out today as I drank my morning coffee, and realized spring was fast coming! The trees were getting there leaves, the birds were flying from tree to tree, and squirrels were running through the bushes again awake from their winter slumber. How amazing to watch and see first hand the majesty of God. What peace I felt as I looked at the forest and thought of each tiny living thing that was coming out to see what spring had brought them.

Scampering around each knowing what they need. God thought of everything! The leaves falling in Autumn, drying and enriching the land with new nutrients. The trees dropping their seeds to bring more trees. It is all so amazing. I sat in my chair and took a ride around to see if we had any buds on the Iris. The leaves were dark green and reaching for the sky. I can hardly wait to see the rich lavender and dark purple velvet of these beautiful flowers.

There was a nice breeze and the sun was shining. Soon the quiet became laughter as the children had found Mimi. Dalton says, What ya doin'?" Mimi, " I'll love you forever." Me too says HunteRose." I'll love you forever." These tiny little gifts from God will brighten anyone's day!
A lady once asked me how I got them to say that. You see it doesn't matter where we are, they stop what they're doing to always take that moment to say, I'll love you forever. Whether it's to me, Papa, mom ,dad, anyone they are close to. I smiled at her and said," I guess they get it from us, you see we say it to them. " Yes everyday we say we love you. Phone conversation always end with I love you. Amazingly the forever came from Dalton first and picked up by the rest of us!!!

My daughter brings me another cup of coffee and says, "It's okay mom we will work things out!" Off she goes with her busy schedule.The phone rings later and it was my son. He new I sounded awfully quiet and after a few tears and talking, He says mom, "God's there and there is enough love in that house to work it all out!!"

I had such a troubled heart last night. Reaching up to say, " God, I'm so overwhelmed with the needs of family right now." I've cried, and worried sooo. It was such a rough night! Yes, we of great faith have those nights!! We want soo much to make things right and do what's best for everyone. We are human after all!!! The great thing for me is as I began my day God lifted my spirits with His majesty as only He can!! Will I cry again, sure, will I worry, of course, I'm only human!!! I drank my coffee saying God help me and he did, with nature and the voices of children and grand children!! So if your down and troubled take time to open you heart to the KING OF KINGS! He is always a prayer away!



  1. So nice to be surrounded by the love, beauty and majesty of God no matter where you are - he's got it all worked out and will present it to you in due time Connie :-)

  2. I missed this post!! What a beautiful expression, Connie. Your family loves you so much. It will all work out as you say and we all pray and trust the Lord. He is so faithful.♥